- Collect coins that are the same color as the pony

Take on the role of the majestic pony named Glicher. Collect coins to unlock passages, avoid suspicious orbs. What is what? You have to find out! Thanks to the advanced YOLO indicator, you will know how many times "you only lived once"

Controls Keyboard:

  • A or Left arrow - move left
  • D or right arrow - move right
  • W or space or UP arrow - feature jump

Controls Gamepad (or Gamepad plugged to Android):

  • D-Pad or Left Axis - move right or left
  • D-Pad UP or Cross/Circle/Square or Xbox A/B/X or Nintendo B/A/Y - Jump


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coin.webp 830 bytes
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tilemap.webp 816 bytes
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projekcik 16.mp3 3 MB
projekcik 17 i 3.mp3 12 MB
projekcik 23.mp3 4 MB
projekcik 24.mp3 4 MB
projekcik 26.mp3 519 kB
projekcik 31.mp3 3 MB
projekcik 32.mp3 2 MB
projekcik 33.mp3 4 MB
projekcik 37.mp3 2 MB
projekcik 39.mp3 3 MB
projekcik 40 i 2.mp3 2 MB
projekcik 46.mp3 3 MB
projekcik 57.mp3 10 MB
big_monster.mp3 42 kB
i_like_to_be_fast.mp3 24 kB
i_like_to_be_slowly.mp3 37 kB
swish.mp3 7 kB
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pony_steps.mp3 22 kB
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